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Reinforced Endotracheal Tube with Intubating Stylet

1. Reinforced Endotracheal Tube, made of clear, soft, medical-grade PVC.
2. A stainless steel spring is inserted in the tube to reduce the risk of kinking or collapsing.
3. X-ray opaque line throughout the ET tube.
4. High volume, low pressure cuff.

Product No. Size (#) Product No. Size (#) Remark
ET1P30-B 3.0 ET1P60-B 6.0




Both cuffed and uncuffed are available.

ET1P35-B 3.5 ET1P65-B 5.5
ET1P40-B 4.0 ET1P70-B 7.0
ET1P45-B 4.5 ET1P75-B 7.5
ET1P50-B 5.0 ET1P80-B 8.0
ET1P55-B 5.5    

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